Visiting Buckingham Palace

The most famous edifice of England, accommodation and workplaces luxury of Queen Elizabeth II, is open to everyone.

The official residences of the British royal family since 1837, Buckingham Palace is the center of a constitutional monarchy in England. The walls of the palace has witnessed numerous national decisions, lavish banquets and ceremonies welcoming foreign officials.


Built for the first time as the Duke of Buckingham for Buckingham in 1705, the palace has been expanded over the centuries. Today, it is one of the places most visited in the world.

Step through the door of Buckingham Palace at the Great Hall and admire the curved staircase with marble is decorated with portraits of Queen Victoria on the wall. Decorated with light pole hit by yellow and red power, Throne Room is used as a meeting place and a royal salute. This is leading to a balcony room to the east, where Prince William and Catherine Middleton Princess kiss the world before their wedding in April 2011.


Although not the art gallery or museum, art gallery in the palace individual is comparable to the national collections. Discover handmade furniture for kings and traditional art works from masters such as Rembrandt.

The palace has over 700 rooms. In August and September, when Queen Elizabeth II makes an annual visit to Scotland, 19 stunning National Chamber is open to visitors. These rooms showcasing many works of art from the personal collection of the royal family. Palace with admission fee, including audio tour guides and travelers should book a tour in advance on the website of Buckingham Palace. As a guide, if the royal flag flying on the roof of the palace, that the Queen has returned.


Let the experience of visitors to London more perfect by attending Mass Change iconic watch, starting right at 11:30 am on the scheduled day. Most tourists are unlikely to distract the guards solemnly. From the palace, leisurely stroll to Hyde Park, Kensington rich and Green Park.

Or visitors can take the subway to the park, all within two station stops.

Buckingham Palace is located in the city of Westminster. Guests can catch a bus from London and St. James’s Park is the nearest subway station. Guided tours to the National Chamber is open daily in August and September.

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