Traveling in the highlands of Scotland

In May, it was still cold but denied greenery overflowing the street corner. That means plateau are also entering the season green fresh peeled na, mountain waterfalls, rivers and lakes were awake after days of cold and snow white.

After running through the gray stone house characterized iridescent local to Stirling castle from the Middle Ages. Both the city and the architecture in Stirling are not big but this place has always been the pride of the people of Scotland for many historical turning point started from here. The big battles are shown in detail in the castle museum. There are also craft workshops weaving colorful carpet, especially in the area rugs since the start Unicorn – Unicom, the emblem of Scotland. Around the castle, highland spring colors began to drop snow white flowers, blooming shy gentle face full of dry leaves on the ground. Next came fresh daffodils, pink and peach colors shimmering in the warm spring sunshine. Enough purple azalea, pink, red and gold dominate everywhere, from castles to gardens scattered across the mountainside and forest paths. On the far side of the park forest, bellflower purple ultramarine green mike as Minister Rop makes the sky, forming a purple paradise complete with curving paths and romantic softness. On the way here flower violet quartz but also sweet flower color than was covered halfway up the hill.e1

                     City Stirling, gateway to the highlands of northern Scotland  

From Stirling,  next to you, a coastal city on the western edge of Scotland. Along the way there are so many beautiful lakes that this land called Loch. Loch is a word found only in the Nordic region so that only the very deep lake. As the city that looked remotely Oban Sea was covered by a layer of fog. It turns out that this area has high rainfall along the coast due to ocean currents warm. Sunny afternoon, Oban bay views from the hills look beautiful. The Phoo Scotland only a few dozen to several hundred thousand people are up but the degree cared for houses where the streets are sure little match. Sea sky, streets, hills and forests are not pure as king bit the dust, so one backdrop to highlight the other and all make extremely harmonious scenery magnificent. Best of Oban’s tourism industry on the island tour to play rock in the bay watching seals, otters, sea birds. On the ship, we get a panoramic view of the ancient city under the sea bottom-up perspective, and it’s also pretty picture perfect. Then seal silhouette appeared suddenly in the rain. If a sunny day, then they will lie basking seals on this tiny island. Leaving the island of seals, the girls continued to go to the salmon farming and liquor shops to explore the history of civil enrichment Oban. Salmon here famous delicious, the wine is spicy tongue to tear up the members of the delegation did not dare try the second.e2

A quiet corner of the Gulf of Oman

Supply from Oman to Fort William road is challenged. It was cold and foggy but because the level roundabout, beyond visualizing spectacular ascent of the plateau. Running along the sea was like walking into the magic land with consecutive corners come, mean what Harry Potter story had its origins in this country. Must come to this country to understand why the imagination of writer JK Rowling may varies so much. People here still has that “help” increase the feeling for visitors by placing the bulky warrior statue shining roadside. This approach is probably to startled driver was sleepy but not just for decoration


                  Old town Stirling

Isle of Skye largest island far north of Scotland, known for velvety green meadows stretches, craggy cliffs incredibly scenic grandeur. It is also called the island of Skye May because often foggy fanciful. One of the spectacular views of the island’s beautiful cliffs overlooking the sea, on the surface of the brown cliffs derived from sandstone, while the cliffs themselves are the 90m high basalt columns, image the brown stripes running down and divided into two floors that looks like a pleated skirt picky. Therefore these cliffs are called “skirt stone”.e4

Isle of Skye fanciful in the fog

On the wall there is another noteworthy point is the 100m-high waterfall longshore Mealt ice flows into the sea. Waterfall originates from a stream from the nearby lake of the same name. Besides the scenery, sound elements are accompanied more primitive feeling on the island: the ancient cliff like this dress also emits music of pink wild childhood. Cliffs has hollows, deep valleys extending as a pipe system with face towards the sea makes the wind can get into it easily. When it emerged, the wind washed into the pipeline system and the cracks and the sound echoed, sounds like an instrument that emits camouflaged exotic music, at Fellowship downs, while banks falls.e5

A small rivulet in clusters Fairy Pools


Fairy Pools, a typical beauty of nature Northern Scotland

However, attracts many amateur photography lens is Fairy Pools – populations green lake created by so many picturesque waterfalls. The water here is clear and eerily looks every pebble bottom. Again everyone will feel the north of Scotland as a land of enchanted. Purple flower color gray stone rim side, blue water a strange blue, with smog lãng, visitors saw vague as himself in the world of Harry Potter

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