The symbol of London

Public telephone booth

Europe has used the phone from the late 19th century, with the public phone booth are located across major cities. In this era of technology with continuous movement launched smartphone, the new designs and features increasingly diverse, the phone booth is no longer common and have been eroded somewhat.

However recent London with the idea to restore the phone booth at the street is welcome, but not to use as previously but it is also somewhat reconstruct one of the unique culture England. London, along with pictures of the red public phone booth last visitors always enjoy coming here to visit.


2 floors Routemaster bus

Situated in the list of attractive symbols of the UK, this means absolutely loved people. Routemaster was produced in 1956 with many of the best features at the time the parts are made from lightweight aluminum most, can hold up to 64 people Routemaster was considered legendary vehicles a British .

But Routmaster official car stop using since 2005, plus the newer cars with more modern features, carry more people and environmentally friendly introduction and continuous upgrades. The image bus bright red double-decker went into people’s minds the capital can not fade, you can search through documents picture to learn more about them.


Tower Bridge London

As the 8th most beautiful bridges in the world, London’s Tower Bridge without making visitors must buy tickets to fly to the UK to be firsthand. This is a unique architecture combining a suspension bridge and the bridge across the river, the architect Horace Jones – an extremely talented people who have had a long time to study the idea of ​​Greece and Italy .

Picture a bridge is designed in classic style Western Europe, a combination of modern features help traffic on the water and are very convenient. Very special thing here is the bridge between the two main towers connected to the ground can raised and lowered for passing ships, here you can take a walk on the bridge to watch the sunset and breathe fresh air and lively atmosphere in the river.


London Eye

As a spin with 32 cabins represents 32 districts of the city to cater to tourists visiting the capital, the London Eye officially opened to visitors in 2000 so far this is the ideal tourist address most travelers to the UK. Coming to London Eye you will be sitting in the luxury cabin experience watching the city from above.

You must buy a ticket to the London Eye when the fare is 599 USD, spend some money and enjoy sightseeing services, dining by the top chefs in the world, there is nothing more exciting is not it. Every year there is also a lot of tourists come here to open a birthday party, engagement and even weddings.


London with a lot of sights and many mysteries waiting to be explored. London has always been the name most mentioned among the prosperous capital, sumptuous in all European travel itineraries of tourists. Coming to this place you will experience the new exciting, contemporary entertainment destinations, learn the unique architecture or ancient monuments.


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