The most beautiful parks in London

Whether you go for a walk in the summer or winter, the park in the city of London was always a great selection by stunning scenery, peaceful green space.

Hyde Park

This park is very large area, located in downtown London. Hyde Park is one of the most favorite park in London with more than 4,000 trees, a lake, a meadow and colorful rose gardens. If a visit to London, try a relaxing stroll or move faster by cycling, skating or skateboarding on the road is one of the stylish design stand here and forget to visit Fountain water Princess Diana memorial, Princess of Wales in Hyde Park campus.


The Regent’s Park

The Regent’s Park measuring 166 hectares and was designed in 1811 by architect John Nash’s famous. Inside the park there is the stunning rose garden and outdoor sports area in London’s largest, with facilities built for sports such as baseball, football, rugby and cricket there are also wild birds and waterfowl and Open Air Theatre


St James Park

Park St James Park is surrounded by stunning three Royal Palaces, spanning 23 hectares and has a lake – home of the famous pelicans park. You can watch the pelicans being fed daily each afternoon. St James Park is also the home of Horse Regiment parade and “the Mall” – where plans for countless decorative ceremonial parade and park cafes cozy Inn.


Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath, where you can stay away from the noisy, vibrant bustling city of London. Climb the Hill of Parliament and you will be compensated by a stunning landscape. It is also the perfect place to play kites, romantic walk or simply relax with a picnic and watch the sunset over the city.



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