The most beautiful castle in Europe

The majestic castle is the repository of historical values ​​and culture in Europe. Today, the typical architectural icon became places of cultural exchanges and tourist destination attracts tourists.

1. The Castle En (Swallow’s Nest Castle) in Crimea, Ukraine

1877, a general under King awarded land in Crimea Ai-Todor cape. Because favorite romantic beach scenes where he built the castle for his convalescence. he quite reticent at first no one knew this wilderness.

After his death, the castle was restored by the wife of a Russian businessman Rakhmanova. She also named Team En the castle. In 1927, a strong earthquake magnitude 6 have destroyed part coast Crimea, but the team still proudly stand En.

After years of renovation, this place became popular tourist destination at least Crimea, Ukraine. Guests come from all over to see the castle Fatherland party En protruding ledge, seemed about to collapse into the Black Sea. Standing on the balcony of the castle, they could see the waves slapping each child’s feet. The En Castle is also famous filming locations of Soviet (former).

2. Castle Bled in Slovenia

This is Slovenia’s oldest castle, located on Lake Bled. Thousand year old castle was once the meeting place of many generals, famous politicians of the region. Guests often analogy here is “fairy scene”, before admiring the ancient castle stands alone on a small oasis between Bled lake is calm. Standing on top of the tower of the castle, visitors can enjoy the scenery of majestic Alps and the forests stretching to the horizon. Many poets, writers had to come here to find inspiration, including Slovenia’s most famous poet – France Preseren.h1

Bled Castle today has a museum displaying historical artifacts. Cultural activities, art Bled area regularly held here. Guests often attend summer Archery Festival at the castle and lots of couples from all over the world celebrated the wedding in this romantic setting.

3. Château de Chillon in Switzerland

Chillion Castle is a popular tourist spot of Switzerland, with more than 300,000 tourists visiting each year. Situated in the romantic shores of Lake Geneva, this thousand year old castle includes 25 small buildings constructed joined together. Like many other medieval castle, facing the mainland of Chillon has many holes archery, trap and fortress to defend, while facing Lake Geneva was built very delicate, romantic tales area.

Château de Chillon underwent all three generations, including the Savoy royal family. Because many land holdings, Savoy family lived not fixed at that alternately Chillon castle on the different. Chillon so not many living things as the other ancient castle, although built very luxurious.

Tourists child loves to play hide and seek in the Chillon castle as it has a system of stairs and ramps tangled labyrinth. However, many tourists also “shuddered” when visiting the dungeon darkness, stifling of the castle, which was once detained many prisoners. In 1516, when visiting this dungeon, the famous poet Lord Byron Englishman wrote the poem “The Prisoner of Chillon”.

4. Bodiam Castle in England

Bodiam Castle is located in the famous southeast Sussex England. This is the castle “model” of European construction regularized medieval Bodiam Castle is rectangular, includes 4 towers at the corners. Bodiam lies solely between a vast forest, surrounded by a moat and gate only a single metal scissors of the entry. When building the castle in the 15th century, Edward Dalyngrigge generals were equipped to defend when attacked unexpectedly, from the devilish traps to deep pits scattered around the castle.h2

Bodiam has seen countless battles of medieval England. Each room of the castle kept a lot of thrilling stories, stayed in England thousands of years of history. Besides, a series of ghost stories were fabrications to add to the mystery of the castle. Therefore, it easily becomes omen favorite filming the historical film crew. Also, in the summer, tourists come here often enjoy watching villagers Bodiam castle beside balloon drop.

5. Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany

Many tourists visit Neuschwanstein was amazed at the magnificent castle on a hill no more romantic fairytale. It used to be the site of King Ludwig II of rest, he had made the study of the most beautiful places to build Neuschwanstein in Germany. Besides its splendor, Neuschwanstein Castle was a breakthrough architecture at the time of the 19th century, in the floor with clean water, toilets with automatic softener, water heater and systems heating.h3

Neuschwanstein is a mass inside the bedroom, a ballroom with luxury furniture and rare. Each year, 1.4 million visitors came here to chisel before the glittering chandeliers, inlaid wooden walls and a series of beautiful precious paintings. The entire castle is covered with yellow colors – brown power and luxury. Neuschwanstein was the inspiration for the castle’s princess Princess Aurora in the film’s famous Sleeping Disney.

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