The location attracted tourists in Milan

In addition to branded fashion, northern Italy city still deserves love with art, cuisine and romantic scene on Lake Como.

Milan is the fashion capital of the world. Here comes the annual fashion week, thousands of headquarters company specialized in apparel, from Versace to Dolce & Gabbana. But Milan is not just a city of high fashion, but style points thanks to sophisticated street fashion, personality.b1

Fashion is everywhere, not just within the dress. Several leading hotels of the city named designers, such as Armani, Bulgari. Japanese restaurant Nobu in Milan are popular also put in the space of a store brand Emporio Armani.Of course, Milan have the renowned shopping venues. Quadrilatero d’Oro is a small square area, but packed with designer fashion stores. It is paradise for those who love to shop, whether you are willing to spend money, or just want to watch the new fad.b2

Quadrilatero d’Oro Square

Milan does not have many historical places to visit like Rome or Florence, but you should not ignore some places. For example, painting Last Supper (Il Cenacolo) of Leonardo da Vinci’s covered walls delle Grazie monastery of Santa Maria. You need to buy tickets early, because the monastery only allow a certain number of tourists to visit each day.b3

painting Last Supper

Located in the city center is the Duomo, a magnificent cathedral-style Gothic. Cathedral began to be built between 1296 and takes hundreds of years to complete.b4

the Duomo

You can climb stairs or use the elevator to the roof form part of the church spiers. From here, away from their eyes, you can see the entire city.Milan prepare for the World Exhibition Expo 2015, taking place from May 1 to October 31 2015. More than 140 participating countries to showcase advanced technology, with this year’s theme revolves around food. The fashion capital of Italy hopes to welcome more than 20 million tourists visit the exhibition lasted 6 months.b5

The city is famous for the furniture fair scale, took place in April each year. Thousands of brands around the world gather here, showing trends, the latest innovation in furniture, lights and decorations.

Inspired cuisine of northern Italy famous Milan. You should try the rice dishes as risotto featured broth cooked with creamy, Osso buco with ingredients dish is stewed veal leg, along with a glass of red wine Italian premier.b6

Guests do not forget to book a table at Solferino, classic restaurant in the Brera district of Milan. Save locker BUCCO restaurant Osso. You should save your abdomen to enjoy chocolate molten cake for dessert.People with eating soul should visit Milan’s Eataly, a subsidiary of Italian culinary mecca already available in many major cities around the world, such as New York and Chicago (USA). With an area of 464 m2, Milan’s Eataly attract customers by Alice restaurant for gourmet, and water tower made from chocolate.Milan focused style dinner appetizer. With a drink before meals, you should call a Negroni cocktail, quiche of the locals, made from gin and Campari.b7

To enjoy the city at night, you should walk to the Navigli district, the convergence range of bars and restaurants along the ancient canal city.Or you can buy tickets at La Scala program, famous opera houses in the world. From 1778 until now, La Scala only accept top artists performing here.b8

 Guests should not miss the opportunity to admire the Bosco Verticale, couples cum residential tower impressive, covered with hundreds of trees. In late 2014, the county’s architectural work Porta Nuova won the International Highrise building.If you want, you can easily make a trip away from the magnificent city. Please organize an outing to the southern tip of Lake Como, only takes an hour by train from Milan Central Train Station. Go there, you continue on the ferry, exploring the small towns and beautiful villas scattered around the lake quiet.b9

the Alps

Leaving the city, the magnificent image of the Alps will stagnate in the tourists when the plane took off.


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