London and historical fashion moments

1.Cecil Beaton: “fashion is indestructible trends” (1941)

Fashion and war-nobody seems to find any same elements between the two “concept” in the year 40 of the previous century. But by creative minds go before the era of Beaton, he creates the Foundation of fashion photography during war reportage. Pictures of his art has inspired strong to world photography. They are known as a way to commemorate the people of London are suffering many casualties after the war, rather than to exploit the suffering, the loss of them.


The image above is recorded before a building collapse momentarily by the bombs of the war. The main characters in the picture are looking at the ruins with the implication that it will back the reconstruction.
2. James Barnor: “girls in Trafalgar Square”-Drum magazine (1966)q2

The weather is typical of London is really not good with clouds and mist all year round, but with photographers, which is again soaring operation space. The sky “during”, the gray brick building, the bird and the sentence “the substance” of the unique fashion Lady London have really is the theme for many of the world’s legendary shots photography. Back to the past, in 1966, has a photographic works, under the eyes and minds of authentically observed a son Ghanaian origin is James Barnor. “The photo was for von as the transfer of culture”, that is the comment of Leanne Wierzba, Professor London Fashion Academy.
3. Juergen Teller: “early Kate Moss” (1995)


Now, both the photographer Juergen Teller and model Kate Moss has become the illustrious names in the fashion industry. But the time in 1995, when at the age of 19, the new Kate seems less well known Juergen Teller. This picture was taken in a small town on the outskirts of London, with the idea of recording the first steps in the career of Kate. Now that will be hard to see in a Kate Moss to shape substance, such as Oriole Cullen, curator of fashion at the V & A’s comment: “this is a photo worth the time because it records the moments of all the glamour and nature”.
4. Terry Richardson: American “Harper’s Bazaar” (2011) q4

With rock-star style, model Georgia May Jagger completely impossible just like “woman of steel” Margaret Thatcher. But under the changes of Terry Richardson, everything’s possible. At the same time the advent of the movie “The Iron Lady” (2011), the photo is the synthesis of many elements with his personal imprint: main model featured the same, the context has the typical properties. However, if you observe carefully, you will realize that reading is not really “England” in the image, especially the way too broad and slippery.
This picture was taken in New York, is a success in the career of Terry with the minds “telescoped” Director in order to demonstrate respect for “the woman of steel” Margaret Thatcher.
5. Tim Walker: “Malgosia Bela and the Warrior” (2009)q5

With peculiar sharpness towards the ancient, can not confuse the work of British photographer Tim Walker with others. The layout messy way knowingly, the mannequins in traditional protection of the country of fog is a art. Unlike the photographer was born in the same time at the London suburban area to another, Tim Walker has the angle of view on life and record the about how soft, carved a more romantic. Many of his pictures are inspired from childhood memories and renovated by the imaginary details bring color square.

6. Norman Parkinson: magazine “Queen” (1960)


Whether Parkinson’s other moment of waiting buses run through or flicking all a coincidence? Both!                Shadow double decker bus runs through is recorded with implied description of the non-stop of the time. When look back and judge a long way of development of the 1960s in London, fashion decided this was an era of many decisions and movements lack “thinking”. It’s the old photographic motif follow the trail or in the cramped studio of the same style. At that time, Parkinson’s brings innovative products very refreshing as all summer and carry out ekip pictures of fashion here. The result of this creativity is the images beyond the traditional mold and, more importantly, convey the true breath of daily life in London fashion perspective.

7. Brian Duffy: “Marketing at Cotton Street Board” (1959)q7

Why must always choose the windy beach or tropical island setting for the shot fashion? Many artistic inspiration derived from the classic mark always the creative products have high aesthetic properties. Duffy, a model featured in the London original ancient architecture in building St. Paul, brings a real beauty capital of the country’s other fog. As the famous photographer Robin Muir once said: “before the advent of the camera, not many people know to London. Since the cameras are becoming more common, London is where the marking of many famous photographers “.

8. Nicole Nodland: American “Harper’s Bazaar” (2011)q8

The photo shows a diversity of culture in London, to the point where it seems every street corner, the road here are present a separate imprint. With the photographer, diversity in culture is a topic of unlimited creativity. In the photo is the main model, luxury, Chin chu between street youth who dusted, as Oriole Cullen commented, model as a “strange creatures” moves into the frame a very natural.

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