Jungfrau mountain peaks: the legendary Roof of the World

Jungfrau tops over 4,000m compared with sea level has long been known as the “Roof of Europe”. This is the address that people desire “To come once in a lifetime” to witness the stunning views and experience summer skiing in ideal paradise of Switzerland

Atop the Alps, snow-covered mountains are filled coincide message same message. Some of the converging reflective snow under sunlight like glittering diamonds. In summer, the ski lovers can climb the Jungfraujoch – Switzerland to satisfy the passion.
Aera river flowing through the old town in the heart of the city of Interlaken. Beautiful waters are poured in from Thun and Brienz two lakes. Interlaken beautiful and peaceful inside the green of forest clusters wrap around the city
d1From the city of Interlaken, I caught the train to arrive at the Jungfraujoch station Ost. From here, I Bernese Oberland into its vessel to the top of Jungfraujoch legend Apls Mountains, where the highest railway station in Europe and is a great base to go skiing the Swiss summer. High Jungfraujoch 3.466m compared to sea level, but is the lowest point between two peaks ranging Jungfrau and Mönch Apls and west Switzerland. Ideas take the train to the top of Jungfraujoch launched in 1893 by Adolf Guyer-Zeller and he was held on 07.27.1896. 16 years later, the new work completed.  d2Ship rolled and ascending high on the mountainside. Through the window, Lauterbrunnen valley as beautiful fairy picture gradually appears. Photos of the bungalow is located inside the romantic green cedar groves, on the undulating meadows impressive. On the high mountains, white clouds floating circled. We thoắt hidden escape form the scene half carried half damage when covering the whole valley. Photos small wooden houses on smaller and disappeared when the ship up.
I felt difficulty breathing when the fire started to train more. Thin air and low pressure has affected health. He advised him to control train tickets, experiencing breathlessness case due to lack of oxygen, quickly using oxygen bottles were hung along the hull. Snow began to appear in the high mountains. Then, the image fades when surround back windows only pristine white of the snow. d3Living in a tropical country, rarely see snow so I rather hastily, and ran up the stairs leading to the snow mountain when the ship has just reached the summit Jungfraujoch. British control hastily stopped train tickets and guide me a little experience while on the peak: walk slowly, took a deep breath to the body gradually adapts to new conditions. Where to go fast or running can cause the body to a lack of oxygen and blood flow leads not keep up, and cause fainting, severe can lead to stroke. Under his guidance, the dizziness, light-headedness or staggered legs were reduced and 15 minutes later I was back to normal. I always keep pace slow step on your journey on the high mountain. I also prepared platform shoes and sunglasses adhesion when walking on snow. d4Atop her icy, almost every activity of man can not reach, but people still put the same post office complexes other recreational activities. Jungfraujoch is considered to have the highest railway station in Europe is. I am engrossed in playing with the snow and you see the Swiss are “drunk” in skiing in summer. Ice Castle is located on a mountain with gorgeous cutting object and fun made me more excited and ecstatic.

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