Discover the Dutch wonderland

Travel Netherlands is regarded as “dreamland” due to the thousands of tulips, and travels along the canal in Amsterdam’s inner city attraction

Hoge Veluwe National Park1

The first location to explore the land of the elves perhaps the national park in southeast . Veluwe National Park Hoge Veluwe is one of the largest nature reserve  Netherlands. Occupying an area of about 50 km2. The landscape of the national park consists of virgin forests, plateaus and is home to lots of wildlife such as wild boar, beef ..

 Amsterdam canal2

Famous Dutch canal

Even in the heyday of the Netherlands, Amsterdam – “City of Venice of the North”, began construction of the hydro-therapy systems caliber channels, 3 canals are Herengracht, Prinsengracht and Keizersgracht, has created a solid perimeter protection shield the capital from corrosion and water intrusion covered by this bien.Ngay when traffic is developed, along the three main canals are the monuments, bridges and long canal was sprouting. In 2006, UNESCO recognized the city has more than 100 km long canal in the world.3

City Utrecht

Utrecht is known as the oldest city in the Netherlands. With beautiful designs of medieval architecture, combining harmony with Gothic architecture creates beauty characterize this neighborhood. Certainly visitors to this can not overlook the roads, the landmarks from medieval lurks in this city.4

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