Contemplates the great clock tower Big Ben

Special works of the most famous Palace of Westminster is the Clock Tower – also known as Big Ben. Big Ben is actually the name of “nicknames” hanging bell in the clock tower, but its official name is “big bell” (Great Bell). Visitors will be the instructor presents the history of the tower, the famous bell and clock how the tower was named the public clock in the world to run correctly.

This tower is included in a part of Charles Barry’s design for a new castle, Castle Westminster after a fire destroyed the night of October 16 1834. The tower was designed in the Victorian Gothic style and high 96, 3 m.


The first 61 meters is the clock tower structure, including government brick stone; rest height of the tower is pyramidal structure of cast iron. 15 x 15 m wide nails, concrete 3 m thick, 7 m deep underground. Weight 9553 ton tower. Four 55 m high clock face on the ground. Due to soil conditions since it was built until now, the tower tilted toward the northwest, about 220 mm. Due to the thermal effect, the tower swaying a bit west to east every year. Currently, Big Ben is “four-sided clock with the world’s largest bell.”


Each face of the watch is placed in a square the side stones are 7 meters, with a total of 576 pieces of glass, similar to the type of window glass paintings engraved in the Anglican church at that time. Around the clock face etched contours forming a frame. The lower edge of the frame on each face of the clock with the Latin inscription: “Domine fac salvam Victoriam nostram reginam primam” means: “Please God, please protect our Queen Victoria”.



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