Carnaval Ha Long – Destination from heaven


Halong Carnaval will be held in late April 2015, to coincide with the holiday season April 30, the start of the summer tourist season of the city’s most popular beach. Halong Carnaval parade street became a meeting point for beach lovers and artistic impression.

Carnaval Ha Long every year a theme, convey individual messages, application changes the content on a unified form of expression – street festival. With the participation of the local people and tourists, indigenous cultural elements seemed increasingly more pronounced in the period of the festival. Along with the great treasures of jade stone islands bobbing in the sea thousands of years, Ha Long has gained worldwide acclaim on all aspects of the most famous newspapers on tourism. Additionally, Carnaval Ha Long became a “party”, a meeting point for people of the country loved coastal city of Quang Ninh.

From the southern sun and wind, I arrived in Ha Long when the North had just fallen in the spring, the air is still cool. Halong very strange spring in la momentum thin mist on the water. Magical space between them, the legend of the dragon and the dragon mother earth to help people fight the enemy through his narrative more vivid tour guide ever. On the windswept deck, we revel in the sight of the giant bonsai brings such fun names: Saddle island, Dinh Huong island, Con Coc islet, Hon Dau, Chopsticks island, than any human, Hon Mr. Buddha …a2

Spring, blue trees on the island, looming wild flowers adorned a crimson. Most poetic images of micro wind sails soaring tension on the bay. He Tonny Tran – an Australian overseas Vietnamese delegation accompanying share, despite greatly beautiful waters but nowhere brings overwhelming feelings as Halong. This trip, in addition to sightseeing purposes, I also want to foster love for the motherland – the kids alien to the cultural capital of Vietnam.

After a round trip, the boat dock Sung Sot cave – one of the spectacular stalactite cave in the bay population. Step up the steep stone steps, a splendid palace opened up. Cool air flow emitted from the active soothing background. 30m high cave ceiling with tiny indentations fancy ceiling like Opera as surprise guests.a1

Cave is divided into two main compartments with thousands of stalagmites, stalactites, sparkling in the pale yellow light. The first compartment with countless immense chandelier sparkling stalactites. Toward the guide’s flashlight image stone elephants, stone seals, raspberries, water bears … alive. Step on the stone path is longer than 500 meters, I caught the clear water lakes, each drizzle fell from the ceiling as the elapsed time span at his feet. The second compartment is “garden” with beautiful ancient banyan trees, water bears, dinosaurs, fairies … the melodious sound of birds. The more you contemplate, the more I shocked, surprised.

Goodbye Sung Sot cave, Ti Top island boat – named island astronaut famous Russians. Island with crescent moon shaped beach, sand smooth, blue water attracts tourists to swim, play sports … I chose to conquer the towering stairs hugging the cliff and then stop at the floor outlook panoramic views out four directions. Then my soul flooded in blue sky and sea untouched picturesque rocky island.

It would be a mistake not to talk about fresh seafood meal right on the peaceful bay. Both groups over 30 people, who also praised the switch plates talent of the chef. From the familiar dishes such as shrimp, crab … to specialty rolls ink or cobia are very special. Taste it, perhaps when you’ve spent exploring interesting, relaxed on a yacht cool, eat and watch the legendary rock islands are being reasonable? See you Halong, where I will continue to

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