8 the most beautiful small towns in America

1. Camden Town, Maine


Maine has many small picturesque towns and Camden is the most beautiful town of this state. Camden is located along the bay, with a main developed block, the center of the small town . In winter it is very cold in Maine and streets are not crowded any more. Time to visit this town is in the fall . In the fall, the small town becomes more romantic because this time , the leaves turn brilliant colors and fog hung over the bay .

2. Cooperstown, New York

If compared with other areas in New York, the town is pretty quiet , with beautiful views and airy . Here comes the Ommegang brewery located in a grape farmĀ  to provide delicious local beer .

3. Chautauqua Town, New York

Also located in the capital New York , Chautauqua attracts touristĀ  especially in the summer . Here comes the romantic lakes and many old mansions . In addition, there are also art performances by Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra , Opera Company or dance schools in this town.

4. Port Townsend Town, Washington


The scene of this city makes you think about the Victorian style with a seaport and colorful castle with cool fresh air.

Tourists can go boating , watch the whales or visit the old heritage on rainy days. The local restaurants alwways offer daily seafood so food is so fresh and no preservatives.

5. Breckenridge Town, Colorado

Breckenridge is a ski-resort located in majestic Rocky Mountains . The skiing area here are so large so it is the ideal destination for who loves winter sports.There is Breckenridge Brewery Company in this town and there are many shops and restaurants .tourists can visit the town during the four seasons.

6. Key West Town, Florida

Key West is a unique small town in America, located in the south of Florida . The town has beautiful beaches and many lively activities. In addition , there is enough modern service of a tourist destination such as shopping , dining , relaxing .

In particular , this area is not cold as the other area in America so it is the ideal destination of many tourists in the winter.

7. Buckhannon Town, West Virginia

This is a small town with a population of less than 6,000 people with beautiful natural scenery and delicious cuisine . Here, visitors learn about the history of local civil war in Latham House and take a trip along Buckhannon river. In addition, the town is home of the delicious barbeque dishes that you can enjoy for lunch or dinner.

8. Beaufort Town, South Carolina

Beaufort is an attractive destination for tourists. Because here there is good infrastructure with spacious house and pleasant green tree.

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